Posted by: corozmum | February 10, 2011

How a Day Can Change!

I’ve been actively job hunting for almost 4 months. In that time I’ve had 2 face to face interviews, 1 telephone interview and endless rejections by mail and email. It does nothing for your self confidence!

Telling yourself that economic times are tough and hundreds are applying for the same job doesn’t buffer you from how much it hurts to continually miss out. And you have no idea why. Is it your skill set, your personality, my age? Fast approaching 50, and not having worked (except as a casual) in 18 months is making me very nervous about already being on the scrap heap!

The constant battering of rejections in the last 2 weeks (the gods must have heard me complaining about applications disappearing into the ether without any response, not even a no thanks) has me really down and seriously considering my volunteer options.

Today, I dragged myself to the computer. I so dread opening that in box! Amongst the rejections was a request for a telephone interview! A what!! I was so surprised, I didn’t know whether to laugh; or cry in relief that I may have skills someone wants.

Then I rang the employment agency who signed me up as a temp to tell them I was no longer required for jury service this week (a 3 week murder trial was slotted in for this week so temping was out till I knew what I was going to be doing). They went “You’re in …. (named my itty bitty town) aren’t you? Would you be interested in a casual factory job in your town?” You Bet!!!! So interview number 2 tomorrow.

I have no idea how they will pan out and can’t bring myself to get excited, but I have that little smidgen of hope back that was getting ground out  🙂


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