Posted by: corozmum | February 3, 2011

Xmas Lunch at The Hilton Lake Taupo

We booked to go to the Hilton Lake Taupo for Xmas lunch. At the time we thought it cost an arm & a leg! But when the price of Xmas lunch came out for the posh hotel in our nearest city we decided at only NZ$10 more each the Hilton was quite a good deal after all!

The restaurant is in the old De Bretts Hotel and there is a new hotel wing further up the hill. The name De Bretts has been kept for the spa and camping area next door.

Bistro Largo is lovely and it felt special to be there. We had great views over the rooftops from our table by the window.

We started with salmon for The Ref and ham salad for me. I was very dubious about it. What can you do with ham, mescalin salad and roasted capsicum? It was divine!! The dressing made it. I wish I knew what it was. The Ref was equally happy with his salmon and after tasting each others neither of us would have swapped.

We then moved on to turkey with stuffing, gravy, roast potato and steamed veggies. Again every mouthful was divine and flavoursome.

Dessert was of course plum pudding with custard and brandy cream. We then retired to the lounge for coffee and mince pies.

Half way through the meal the sun started to stream in across our table. Because of a strong wind the bi-fold doors couldn’t be opened. There were no windows and no extension cord in order to put a fan by our table. I had a major hot flush and thought I was going to self combust! Thankfully there were empty tables out of the sun and we were moved, thank goodness.

It was a memorable meal and we’re pleased we did it. Future Xmas lunches in a restaurant have a very hard act to follow.


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