Posted by: corozmum | January 30, 2011

Xmas Sans Kids

It’s the end of January and I finally get around to posting about xmas!

The previous year Piratz really wanted to spend xmas with his friends and we vetoed it. But, I realised we are going to have to face xmas without them sometime so we should get practising. We agreed that he could spend last xmas with his mates. Glassie had been going with her boyfriend almost 2 years and had really missed him at xmas so we figured she might as well go and have xmas with him on condition they all came to us this coming year.

Being home alone seemed weird so we decided to plan something special we could look forward to. I decided on Lake Taupo as its a nice place to walk around and window shop if we found xmas day too long to fill up.

We searched the internet, made our plans, made bookings and paid deposits. And yep, you guessed it ….. Glassie broke up with her boyfriend in early November! Rather than spoil our plans she arranged to spend Xmas with The Refs brother and wife (yes, the one who got her nose out of joint about ‘Guest Bedroom Etiquette‘).

We knew Glassie would have an interesting time, but she survived with a vote of not too bad. But she really missed how we do things and won’t be going elsewhere in a hurry! The surprise was Piratz. Even though his day was fully planned so he wouldn’t get lonely and he was with his best mate he also owned up to really missing us and how we do things. He can’t wait for next xmas. He feels like he missed out this year and can’t wait to do things ‘properly’!!  😉

The Ref and I had a ball (there is a series of posts coming up in the next few days) and have no qualms about facing xmas alone next time the kids fly the nest (in however many years). In the meantime, I’m quietly chuffed they love our Xmases and we will thoroughly enjoy all the upcoming years that they want to spend with us.


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