Posted by: corozmum | January 29, 2011

Job Rejections

Do employers realise how bad they can look when rejecting job applicants?

Two days ago I applied for a job listed on a job seeking website. It had no closing date. Within 24 hours I had a reply saying they had lots of applicants and would collate over the next two weeks and make a shortlist. (Yeah right).

Today I got a rejection email!! How rudely quick was that! And they are going to keep my cv in case they wish to pursue the matter (????) over the next few weeks.

I know employers get inundated with applicants but ….. Come on! I’ve applied for and been rejected for dozens of jobs. I’m over being pc’ed to and let down gently. Don’t give me false hope. All I want

– is acknowledgement that my application has been received. I’m surprised how many banks don’t do that! They are usually very pc. Email is fine and

– some idea of a timeline. I know things can go pear shaped but being in the ballpark helps.

– when you reject me there is no nice, sweet way around it. Just say no, I’m not right. I hate hearing how high caliber the applicants were. It hurts that I wasn’t high enough. Don’t throw crumbs like ‘we’ll keep you in mind’ or ‘please apply again’. I don’t believe you if I wasn’t good enough to be shortlisted. I will believe you if I’ve been interviewed, so mean it.

– and if you must put something nice in, thank me for my interest in your position or the time and effort taken to apply, especially if its not an on-line application. Printing cv’s, writing letters and paying for A4 envelopes and postage gets costly when you aren’t earning. Even searching and applying on-line takes hours of time.

To keep my sanity I only look on-line twice a week as I used to when newspapers were the job search go to. I save everything I spot that appeals then go back the next day to look closer and apply. Very few jobs have a short closing date. If I looked everyday and found nothing I’d get severely messed up. Looking twice a week means there’s usually at least one job I can apply for.



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  2. Okay, it bites, but what can you do? Sometimes you never hear ANYTHING after you apply for a job. It’s like it just got lost in limbo somewhere. Choose to be grateful that you aren’t working for a company that treats people like that one does! 🙂

    • Yeah, I know there’s nothing I can do. Mostly it doesn’t bother me (much). It sure helped to vent! I’ve had plenty lost in limbo too and yes I’m glad I don’t and won’t be working for a company that treats people like that!

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