Posted by: corozmum | January 27, 2011

Exercising with Wii

A year ago I was given Wii Fit for xmas. It got me off the couch!

After 10  months I was bored rigid so I got Wii Fit Plus for my birthday. It gave lots more balance games and aerobic activities but only 3 more yoga and 3 more muscle exercises. I was quite disappointed. It also has ready made routines which is handy to target different areas. You can also make your own routine except it only allows you to make up one routine. I want more than one. I’d like my own abs routine, a yoga one, a muscle one and a favs one. It is a pain having to redo the routine each time I want a change. Anyway, I just didn’t seem to be making progress anymore.

So, this xmas I got Wii Active. The original one, which is on clearance as the new one is out. It comes with a leg strap to hold the numchuck and a resistance band (The new one has a heart monitor). I’m currently doing the 30 day challenge. I know I’m working out with this one!! even though I’m doing the easy version (I assume there’s one or two more intensity levels…. haven’t looked yet). It’s very strength oriented. Much to my horror I put on the 5kg I lost last year. But it is muscle. I have biceps!! The only trouble with that is the bat wings (the flaps below the arm) seem to be more noticeable and flop more!! There’s alot of lunges and squats which is killing me but I want to get on and off the floor with a great deal more ease and dignity so I will persevere. Probably the only area not toning is my abs.

Probably the thing I hate the most is the cord between the the Wii remote and the numchuck. It restricts me doing triceps because its not long enough. When I first did shoulder presses it got caught under my chin and hung me! I have learnt to do the presses slightly forward rather than straight up. And when I’m boxing vigorously it whips back and hits me in the face. Oh for a wireless numchuck!

What I do like is the lifestyle and nutrition surveys. They help you track how many veges you eat, how much water you drink, how many fizzy drinks and takeaway meals as well as how much sleep and how many hours on the computer or watching tv. It makes you more aware of what you are doing and I’m trying to make changes as a result.

Last weekend we noticed Wii Your Shape was on clearance so we grabbed it. It has a motion tracking camera so on the screen you have a stick thin cartoon instructor in one half and me in all my glory on the other half. My actual figure shape looks just like the one I chose in Wii Active. You can choose strength or cardio so as I’m getting strength with Wii Active I’ve opted for cardio and choose an overall burn for weight lose or an abs burn. My abs tell me the next day they are being worked so there’s hope!

There are things I like about all 3 and I wish I could have them all in one place! Currently I do 20 mins on Wii Active, then 15 mins on Wii Your Shape (its like an aerobics class and has me collapsed and dripping with sweat) then I go to Wii Fit Plus to weigh in, do yoga warm downs and record the activities. I’ve started to drop some weight so I think its a good combination. Between the 3 discs I have plenty of variety and challenges still to try so hopefully I won’t get so bored this year.


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