Posted by: corozmum | January 25, 2011

Using Slideshows

My first attempt at making a slideshow was in the post for Lake Alex using wordpress. It was really cumbersome and time consuming. Then the result was disappointing.

I have to resize all my photos suitable for email or the web. Then, even though you are supposed to be able to use ‘control’ to select a series of photos, I have to upload one at a time. The photos should be able to be resized once uploaded but they already appear as full sized. The resulting slideshow is surrounded by a black background as big as the slides and I feel detracts from the photos.

WordPress supports several slide sites so I gave them a go. Raukawa Falls and Governors Bay were done using SlideShare. You use your own slide presentation software ie  powerpoint to make a slide show. This has several advantages in that you insert your photos full sized and the resulting show can be saved on your computer. Once completed you upload to slideshare and then share it. I was able to share in wordpress and on facebook. The only problem I had was that the slide transition that I’d chosen didn’t occur but the background did. I haven’t figured out how to do captions yet so I don’t know if that works ok. I could also choose whether or not to allow others to download the show.

I next tried RockYou. I really liked the transitions and backgrounds offered as well as the fact you could upload full sized photos and ‘control’ worked for making multiple photo selections. The captions were easy to insert with lots of choice for how they appeared, colour, font, glitter etc. Even though I selected sharing the slideshow it will not work in wordpress and doesn’t appear in facebook. I also cannot edit it. Trying to communicate with RockYou Support has driven me insane. When you prepare your message you have to enter an anti spam code. It always tells me I got it wrong (even though I double and triple check before clicking send) and wipes everything so you have to start from scratch. I’m so annoyed and infuriated that I haven’t had another go at making a slide show with them, yet.

Last on the list to try was Slide. It’s very similar to RockYou but seems a little too obvious, chunky and not as classy. There didn’t seem to be the range available for captions that you get in Rockyou either but I may not have been looking in the right place. Best of all I had no problems getting it into wordpress and it worked (After the 80th and Taupo Rest Area). I haven’t tried facebook yet but I expect it will be fine.

Of the two, I would prefer Rockyou but if it won’t work next time I try, Slide will be a good second option. I’m not skilled on power point so will use that in conjunction with Slideshare to up my skills and if the transitions don’t upload then I can go to Slide for that.

I’ve never been able to upload video into wordpress but I’m going to have a go via Slide and see what happens. Its been fun trying the different sites and I’ve learnt alot by trying different things.

Update Tried sending the Rockyou slideshow to facebook. The first slide appears as a thumbnail and when you click on it to play it won’t play. The other night the slideshow would play for me in Rockyou but now it won’t!


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