Posted by: corozmum | January 24, 2011

Employment Agencies & Me

Each time I have been job hunting over the years, I have always tried employment agencies. Frankly, it has been a waste of time. I meet with them, there is relentless enthusiasm with promises to be in touch….. and I never hear from them again. I long ago decided my skill set just wasn’t what employment agencies can help with.

This time, with a degree under my belt and at the university careers service insistence, I’ve again approached some employment agencies after I finished my exams. I met with some, spoken on the phone with others, sent in my cv and figured I’d never hear again!

Imagine my surprise to get a phone call from one last week!! They asked why I hadn’t registered with them?? Well, I would have if they’d asked me to!! I thought I was, but apparently not. Sending in a cv doesn’t count.

So I traveled to the city. I filled out a registration form and authorised them to do security checks on me (this is serious). I completed computer assessments. My knowledge of ‘Word’  is excellent (90% compared to 80% for their other temps). Excel was 40% (against 44%). I type at 31 words per minute. I was very surprised as I haven’t practised for a year. And get this – the average is 34!! My data entry keystrokes were just below average too. Do some practise and I’ll be average.

When I first started going to agencies you couldn’t register as a temp unless you could type 70 words per minute. The current generation obviously doesn’t learn to type! So, I was given a temping pack. An employment contract (which I signed before they changed their mind!), timesheets, tax and super forms…. I’ve never got this far before! Now lets see if it translates into actual temporary positions!


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