Posted by: corozmum | January 17, 2011

After the 80th

We had a nice celebratory lunch for my father-in laws 80th, then went to the In-Laws. Lots of people packed into a retirement townhouse, on a hot day, all talking at once. We declined the offer of tea. The kids had had enough and so had we. We got a pizza and headed to the waterfront. It was so nice and refreshing. In spite of the water being out, exposing the mudflats we enjoyed the views across the harbour towards the Tauranga Harbour Wharves and Mount Maunganui.

[rockyou id=158682965&w=426&h=320]

(I created a really nice slideshow but I am having issues. Even tho’ I’ve checked public sharing it won’t share. Not even in face book! Nor can I edit it in RockYou so there is a problem. I have tried emailling Rockyou support several times but it won’t send and clears the email page!! Aargh! Hopefully it will be sorted soon. I’ll try another site and see if that works better)

Finally success with Slide. Not as nice as the rockyou slide show but at least it works!


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