Posted by: corozmum | January 6, 2011

Another Cat

After 8 years as the sole cat in residence Coro got a nasty xmas present!

Glassie moved home at the end of the semester while she looked for a flat. She left her cat, Smudge with a friend who’d said Smudge could stay as long as needed. The hours promised at Glassies summer job didn’t eventuate. 4 hours a week isn’t enough to afford to flat. She has also had lots of problems finding a flat that will allow a cat.

After 3 weeks and a few days before xmas) we got a phone call saying Smudge had fleas (in spite of a 3 month flea treatment given 8 weeks before), the house and the visitors were crawling with them and if we didn’t pick Smudge up immediately she would be put in the SPCA.

We went up first thing the next morning. Had to drive her 1 1/2 hours home with no sedation. She was amazing. Only mewed once. Coro yowled all 4 hours when I moved her last year, even with sedation!

We were all away for xmas and were worried but for a change the cattery was only 3/4 full so we got Smudge in as well.

We kept them apart for the 2 days before they went into the cattery. Luckily we have a big house and could keep them at either end with 2 doors between in case one got out. They were put side by side at the cattery. Coro hates neighbours and is usually down one end away from the others. Smudge grew up with another cat and in a block of flats with lots of other cats to play with. She’s very social and can’t understand why Coro won’t play.

Smudge ran away when she was staying at Glassies friends and we were worried about her doing it again. We decided to keep her in for a week before trying her outside. Glassie planned to spend 5 day up at her brothers for his birthday and to see friends. She is very, very bored here. And of course the week was up while Glassie is away.

It has been the hottest week of summer. Close to 20c overnight and in the high 20’s early 30’s during the day. The Ref and I have been suffering with windows and doors shut. Smudge has been determined to get outside for several days and even jumped out our bedroom window which is upstairs. Gave herself & me one hang of a fright but she came when called. The next day we took her out before each meal and had a job catching her so today we let her go. She had a great time exploring and came back regularly to flop, panting under the trees. She was one happy cat and we enjoyed having the house opened up. Had to coax her out of a tree to come for dinner and shut the house up while she ate. She mewed pitifully at the door and roamed looking for forgotten windows before collapsing in a heap a few hours ago.

It is such a relief that today went well, we didn’t lose Glassies baby (heaven help us!) and tomorrow we can all enjoy another hot day outside and with doors and windows open  🙂


Smudge & friend (Coro won’t play)

Coro and Smudge


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