Posted by: corozmum | December 11, 2010

Guest Bedroom Etiquette

How you leave a guest bedroom that you have slept in, is an absolute minefield and if you get it wrong you are judged critically.

My mother taught me to strip the linen and leave it by the door, then pull up the bedding so it looks tidy until the home owner remakes the bed. This I did for many years until one homeowner grouched that she now had to wash the linen straight away which she hadn’t planned. She couldn’t abide dirty linen sitting for even a day. She likes the bed remade so it looks tidy until she has time to strip, wash the linen and remake the bed.

Now I ask what is preferred. There are endless variations

Made, pulled up, stripped. If its stripped, linen left in the room, linen in a laundry hamper, linen in the laundry, linen in the washing machine. Some like the bed pulled up without sheets, others like it left so they can put clean sheets on. I personally don’t give a toss how its left. I just deal with it!

What bought this on? Glassie has failed my sister-in-laws requirements and been judged harshly as has my parenting skills.

The Ref and I went away on a school trip (photos to come). As Glassie had work in the city, she stayed with The Refs brother and second wife. While we we’re away I got a message that Glassie was a messy cook and needed to be taught properly (first stab!). Then yesterday I was informed that Glassie had left her bedroom in a mess and no child of hers (my sister-in-laws) would be so badly bought up (second stab!!).

It seems that Glassie stripped her bed and left the linen in a ball at the foot of the bed and the bedding beside. Apparently she should have washed the linen, hung it out and pulled up the bedding. Glassie wasn’t informed of this and hadn’t thought to ask, so not being sure what to do (I’ve always handled this situation) did what she thought was best.

The Ref is very offended that she was expected to wash her sheets. He thinks that’s rude. I’m more offended that my daughter is thought to be badly bought up. My sister-in-law has never had children and if she treats her step children as she has Glassie, I now have an inkling why they aren’t so keen on her.



  1. I’m appalled that anyone would expect a guest – related or not – to wash their own bed-linen! For myself, I would be horrified that the guest felt they had to negotiate an unfamiliar washing machine. I wouldn’t WANT someone else using my machine, to be honest.

    I hesitate to ask – is the sister-in-law a rather odd character?!

    • She hasn’t had kids but has very firm views about how they should be bought up!

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