Posted by: corozmum | November 30, 2010


It is almost 2 months since our South Island trip so I figured it was about time I blogged about it.

We flew in to Dunedin airport which is 40 km south of the city and my sister lives on the coast, halfway between the two. It was a lovely day and we could see the Southern Alps all the way down. We had a bit of turbulence so they didn’t serve the hot drink. It wasn’t that bad!

While waiting at the carousel for our baggage I overheard an elderly lady saying what a terrible flight and how rough it had been. I’ve been in planes doing U’s as they try to land!

We called in to Mosgiel for food supplies. My sister doesn’t do butter or earl grey tea. I also find bought yoghurt too sweet so buy natural greek when I’m away. When we left, instead of turning right back towards the motorway The Ref turned left. The last time we argued about navigation he was right (its usually me who is correct!) so I kept quiet and enjoyed the scenery. We were nearing hills some time later when The Ref commented he’d thought we’d have hit the motorway by now! (The Ref is famous in our family for his tiki tours)

We went up over the hill and found ourselves in Dunedin City! We headed down towards the harbour so we knew where we were and went back out to my sisters!

My sister has the most fantastic views from her window.


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