Posted by: corozmum | November 21, 2010

Kids That Boomerang

When Piratz left home we weren’t surprised when he came back between flats. We were in the same town. He only did it once and hated our rules so much. I didn’t think I was that onerous on a grown up child back in the parents home. All I asked was

1 Let me know if you are home for dinner or not (I hate cooking for those  who don’t arrive or serving the meal to find an extra at the table)

2 Let me know if you are coming home at night or not (I hate being freaked out by foot steps walking passed our bedroom window on the way to the front door well after I’m asleep. If I’m expecting someone home I hear the footsteps, know who it is and go straight back to sleep. Finding an unexpectedly empty bed in the morning gives me palpitations)

3 Do your own washing

4 Contribute to the household chores

Piratz found the first 2 very onerous after not having to account for his whereabouts in his own flat and couldn’t wait to get out again. He didn’t mind the other 2 quite so much as they were less than was required when flatting. He just found it taxing to be home to do a meal on his nominated night especially when I refused to help him out by deciding what he should cook and refused to accept takeaways as cooking a meal!

When Glassie left home, we never expected her to live with us again. She moved towns and we did too. But she arrived back with us yesterday. And man shes acquired some stuff in 2 years!!

After 2 years at glass school she is bored academically so applied to do a BAVI (Bachelor of Applied Visual Imaging) in the city 1/2 hour from us. She has been unable to find summer work in the small town she lived in and I suggested she try the city if she was going to be moving there next year anyway. 2 weeks ago she was accepted into the BAVI and was offered a job. Last weekend we were at Granddads 80th so there has been no time to find a flat. She starts her summer job Tuesday, doesn’t drive, theres no public transport so I’m the taxi service to the city at the moment!

She has lined up a flat to view next week in the CBD so she can walk to her job and the course, so fingers crossed as The Ref is going spare about the cost of petrol for running her over there. Its only temporary. She isn’t keen on living in a small rural town where she doesn’t know anyone so she’ll be pushing to find a flat.



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