Posted by: corozmum | November 16, 2010

Fruit Garden

When we moved here we inherited a junk heap behind the garage.

It stayed that way for some time as we couldn’t figure out what to do with it. Late last year when we were watching Get Growing, they put in a veggie garden and a fruit garden. We looked at each other and said the fruit garden would be nice and it was small enough to fit in the space behind the garage.

It took The Ref several goes to clean out the mess. The rubbish included

a roll of wire

bits of hose

rusty scissors

an oil can

broken bottles

Then we took a huge trailer load of green waste to the dump. The Ref is not a handy man but he assured me he could make a raised garden. Much to my surprise he did! Also when we arrived here the compost bin was filled to overflowing. We’d let it sit for a year and had gorgeous compost to put in the raised garden.


The first thing to be moved in were the strawberries. I’d put 6 plants in at our previous house but they hadn’t thrived at all. As they were so expensive I dug them up, wrapped them in newspaper, put them in a large pot and dampened them. They went on the trailer with all the things the movers won’t shift (paint, gas bottles, alcohol, spray cans, batteries and much to my disgust; every single cleaning product, hair product and garden product we owned) Then they sat at the back door of the school house for two weeks until we moved here.

I put them in the vege garden not expecting them to do well at all. I also planted some new ones just in case. The old ones loved their new home and gave us enough fruit to have a couple each every few days. They also sent out tonnes of runners so we got lots of baby plants. The new ones hardly fruited at all. I’m hoping as it was their first year they will do better this coming summer. We’ve moved them into the new raised garden and there are lots of flowers already so we have our fingers crossed for lots of strawberries.

The kids gave The Ref a grape plant and a passionfruit plant for his birthday. They’ve gone in beside the raised garden. He also bought himself a (supposedly) thornless boysenberry because he loves them. They have nasty little thorns!! rather than mega nasty big thorns! These 3 will be trained along the fence. I won $25 on a scratch ticket so I got 2 blueberries to go in the other half of the raised bed.

There’s going to be lots of room around the blueberry bushes so we’re thinking about herbs. The chives are annoying where they are in the vege garden so they will be the first to be moved I think. The rhubarb will stay in the vege garden as the water pools in that corner in the winter and I can’t get to it unless I buy gumboots!

This was my very neglected vege garden at the end of summer thanks to my first semester papers. You can see the strawberry plants on the left before we moved them. The rhubarb is at the far end.


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