Posted by: corozmum | November 11, 2010

Suiting Up

I’m forever growling at The Ref for wearing his suit pants when he’s not wearing the jacket. We already have one suit jacket sitting forlornly in the wardrobe because the pants are so obviously worn that they can’t be put together. Last time I told him off he assured me the pants had been put with the jacket in the suit bag.

Last night was Senior Prize-giving. A formal occasion requiring a suit and academic gown. The Ref bought the suit downstairs as the pants needed a spot of ironing as they’d been on the hanger for a while since last being worn.

Much to my horror the pants were navy (the jacket is black!) I’ve decided The Ref is colour blind as he couldn’t see a difference! A search of the wardrobe …no pants! Check the mending pile in case it was there and I’d forgotten….still no pants!! As a last resort I checked the pile of clothes in the corner (I have a rule, if its not in the laundry hamper it doesn’t get washed and I’m not crawling all over the bedroom, under beds, in wardrobes, behind dressers and in corners to locate washing!)

You bet, there the pants were, screwed up in a ball, covered in dust and stains with half an hour till we had to leave! Out with a damp flannel, lint roller and the iron. Many choice words latter, we had a presentable pair of pants. A very contrite Ref has undertaken to get the pants dry-cleaned and hung with the jacket in the suit bag with me checking the colour so they are ready for their next outing without last nights stress!

I left The Ref to put on his academic gown and retired to the hall. He gets on stage and the strap of his hood is under one collar and over the other! And he’s in the front row for 2 1/2-3 hours. Another gripe I have on a daily basis whenever he puts a jersey on. When he caught my eye I signaled and it was quickly fixed, much to the amusement of the school secretary beside me  🙂

This is The Ref at his graduation wearing his academic gown and the hood which signifies what his Masters Degree is in (Education Administration). The hood is that blue and pink thing hanging down his back.


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