Posted by: corozmum | November 3, 2010

The Hall Papered

I just downloaded photos from the camera, intending to post about our holiday but I found other photos that I had taken over the months with intentions to post about them!

One was about the movers putting a hole in our wall and it taking a year to get it sorted (Insurance job takes a year)

This is the hole that caused all the trouble. It seemed so innocuous. But you had to replace the paper not only in the entrance but up the stairs to the landing and down under the stairs to the family room. There were no natural breaks. You can see the front door and the kitchen door is just to the left of the hole.

The bathroom door is on the left and the entrance and hole are further to the left and behind the photo. The hall goes down to the garage (straight ahead) and the laundry just to the left of the garage door, then goes under the stairs to the family room.

The stairs with the landing which has 2 bedrooms off it to the right and 1 bedroom, a bathroom and a separate toilet off it to the left.

When choosing a colour everyone said we should pick a modern, current colour but sands, creams, parchment etc just made our white tiles look dirty. Those colours wouldn’t have fitted with the decor in the rest of the house anyway.

Others suggested white. The hall is extremely cold in the winter and we wanted to go for warmth. The walls had to be primed before wallpapering. The primer was white so we had several days of living with that.

The Ref and I hated it. We are not cool, tidy, minimalist people! It felt unbelievably cold and the tiles looked filthy (as we’d thought). We’re so glad we didn’t chose that option.

We ended up trying to get as close as possible to the existing paper. The one we got had stripes and we really weren’t sure about it.

It took a few weeks to get used to it but I think we did the right thing. The hall feels and looks lighter, brighter and warmer. The colour fits in with the rest of the house and I have to say I much prefer the above photo compared with the original!


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