Posted by: corozmum | October 20, 2010

Trying Vegetarian On The Side

While on holiday friends served this beautiful tart for lunch.

It tasted divine. We don’t do zucchini and I have never liked feta but I had no trouble eating them done this way. Our friends also told me that I had probably tried goat feta and this was cow feta which may be why I liked it. I was given the cookbook it came from to look at. I was so surprised to see it was a vegetarian cookbook by Alison and Simon Holst.

I looked through and many of the recipes appealed. After we left, The Ref (who isn’t a big vegetable fan) informed me that he would eat more vegetables if they tasted that good and maybe we should get the cookbook! We went straight to a book shop before he changed his mind!!

Since we arrived home I tried the corn chip casserole. We don’t do kidney beans and The Ref isn’t a fan of corn chips but again the dish had amazing taste and The Ref has said I can make it again.

His boss and  a colleague came to dinner last night before attending a meeting. I served the tart and they loved it so much I had to photocopy the recipe for them.

We will never be vegetarian but this book will add new variety and flavours to our diet and as they are filling will mean the meat on the side will be smaller. It will also give me some new things to serve up to the kids when they come as they are both vegetarian


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