Posted by: corozmum | October 19, 2010

The Difference Between Wii Fit & Jenny Craig

I’ve figured out part of the difference between the Wii Fit weight and the Jenny Craig scales. Wii Fit asks you how many clothes you are wearing. Light or heavy. When you choose light it takes off 1kg and heavy takes off 2 kg. That accounts for 1 kg of the discrepancy but not the other 1-2kg.

Because its warming up and I’m mostly wearing bike shorts and a tee I select light. Even tho’ it takes off 1kg it still gives a consistent weight progress. I had hoped to be going over this Saturday so I could weigh in but its most likely going to be Sunday and Jenny Craig aren’t open. According to Wii I’ve lost 1.5kg this week which would be good although Wii is telling me it is worried about my health! Apparently that is too fast!

I’ve been very good about exercising 1/2hr most days. I did 5 days this week. And I’ve been half-heartedly doing weight watchers. The only meal I consistently follow is breakfast!! I do use the book for quantities for other meals so that must be helping


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