Posted by: corozmum | October 12, 2010

Bad Day

I was having a bad. I don’t know why. I just woke up feeling lethargic and it was a drag to get through the day. Even my 1/2 hour doing Wii Fit didn’t perk me up.

When I’m having a bad day I try to think of 5 things that I’m grateful for or make me smile. It’s amazing how it can lift your spirits. So on the drive to university I gave it a go.

1  I’ve handed my last assignment in for the year

2  This is the last week of the academic year

3  Wii was my friend today as it told me I’d lost weight! (Why didn’t that cheer me up at the time??)

4  A lamb gamboling and leaping as I drove by.

Number 5 didn’t happen till I had parked and was walking to class

5  Walking past a guy wearing really nice aftershave that made me go Mmmmmm!!


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