Posted by: corozmum | October 11, 2010

Assignment Hell

The Ref made a New Years resolution to book a holiday so we would have something to look forward to. We checked out the school holidays when The Ref would be off and didn’t even think about the university calender!

I was horrified when I got this semesters study guides. A banking assignment due the day we got back and an excel one due 5 days after. I of course needed the banking one in before we left and the excel one half done. This meant getting the first excel and banking ones done a week before their respective due dates.

The first excel one went to plan mainly because I had the 2 week mid semester break to do it in and handed it in the first day back. It wasn’t without its sagas tho’. We had to download 20 years of daily stock prices for 2 companies. My 7 year old computer spat the dummy! I made an executive decision to do the assignment on 2 years of monthly prices and nursed the computer through it. We had to hand in a hard copy so while my classmates were spewing about the cost of printing 400-1000 pages I quietly handed in 30 pages! I think I made a good decision!!

As well as the excel workbook we had to do a 10 slide power point presentation. I haven’t had to do a power point presentation in years! and we don’t have it on this computer. The Ref does them all the time and told me to write a story, then bullet point it and put the bullet points on the slides. I skipped the story part and just did bullet points based on each excel worksheet. I didn’t have time for bells and whistles so kept it simple.

I used open office presentation and put it on a pen drive. The Ref took it to school and converted it to power point for me and printed it. Anyway, I got 27/35 and was really stoked. I didn’t get pinged for changing my data to 2 years of monthly prices and was complimented on my clean clear slides  🙂

The first banking one went in no probs before the semester break. I tossed together the second one in four days and had that in a week before we left. My banking lecturer gave me hell for being so early!

Then the 2nd excel one. Oh boy, what a drama! I had to do the course work for that week before I could start the assignment. Our old computer didn’t come with discs so I couldn’t load the data analysis tool pack I needed. So I had to use The Refs work laptop at night except an add-in that came with the text book wouldn’t load to it. After several days of taking a pen drive backwards and forwards between the 2 computers a friends husband who works for an ISP came to my rescue. And talked me through further problems. I managed to get the course work done the day before we flew out!

The lecturer had said we couldn’t do this assignment successfully in the last week before it was due and I had 5 days! It took most of the first day to get my lecturer to approve my data selection. I set to work the next day and got all my charts and tables done. Luckily The Ref was still on holiday and kept me fed and watered.

We then had to interpret our results and write a report using what we had learnt in Introduction to Statistics. My classmates did that last year… I did it in 1988!!!! I couldn’t remember a thing and promptly burst into tears! Luckily The Ref is a Maths teacher and has taught Year13 Statistics which is very similar to year 1 university. Out came his textbook and I got a half day revision crash course. I spent the rest of the day writing rough notes.

Next day I was fending off a migraine. Popped pain killers and groggily started typing up the previous days notes. Somehow over the 2 days I pulled together a report! Then I read on the course website that the lecturer expected time series analysis as well that had been covered while I was away! Holy…..!

I set to work with the textbook and slowly worked through the examples then tried it with my data. I got some time series stuff in, hope it was enough.

We had till midnight last night to email our assignment and had to post a hard copy yesterday as well. At 5pm I decided I wasn’t going to get anything more productive done so decided to print and email. Then the fun started.

I formatted and tidied up my presentation. Saved it all and took the laptop to the computer room to hook it up to the printer. The formatting was all mucked up. Had to redo it all before printing. Then I tried to email.

The Refs laptop is set up to use our internet connection but not our email. So I tried my yahoo email. Took ages to attach and then it spat the dummy because the files were too large. Tried again but sending my report and excel workbooks separately. Took ages but it went. 3 hours latter I had emailed and posted the damn thing! I was hugely relieved when my lecturer confirmed today that he had received them.

It is now the last week of lectures before we go on study leave. The last few days have been sooo stressful that I want to curl up in a corner for a couple of days. The end is in sight. Just have to keep going till my last exam on the 5th November. Then its job hunting… it never seems to end!


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