Posted by: corozmum | October 10, 2010

Weigh In

On Thursday we went in to Jenny Craig Weight Loss to weigh in for the Great Kiwi Shape Up. I have been very slack on the exercising over the last month as I had my head down trying to get a whole bunch of assignments in. Then we went on holiday to the South Island last week. Talk about eat, drink and be merry! Everywhere we went friends and family wanted to try restaurants so we ate out alot. I had wine nearly every night too. I usually only have one or two a month so I’m sure I had a years worth last week!

The long and short of it is that I’ve put on 5kg 😦 and my BMI is back up to 35. All that hard work this year down the drain. This challenge will be good to get it off again. The Refs BMI was 32. That sux!

We’ve decided to have our own little challenge but we can’t decide how to determine the winner. Most kilos lost, greatest BMI reduction or largest percentage loss. If The Ref wins I have to take him to a movie of HIS choice, without consideration of my taste (heaven help me!) and provide a large popcorn just for him. I’ve asked for a bottle of wine but I’m wondering if I should go healthier!

I’ve been trying to follow weight watchers and have decided The Ref is my downfall. He bought home raspberry buns for lunch yesterday and I can’t say no when he is eating buzz bars or fudge in front of me. I’m glad the school holidays are over tomorrow and he’s back at school. I’m sure sticking to healthy food and not having temptation in front of me will help heaps.


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