Posted by: corozmum | September 23, 2010

Shaping Up

More FM are having Great Kiwi Shape Up Promotion. I’ve lost 5kg this year and over the past few months I’ve been hovering between 5-8 lost. I’ll have a burst exercising regularly and drop down then stop exercising while I concentrate on assignments. The promotion sounded like just what I needed to get the next 5kg off.

At the beginning of October you have a weigh in at Jenny Craig Weight Loss to get an official entry card and then another weigh in at the end of November when the promotion ends to see how much you’ve lost. You can have weigh ins during the promotion as well if you want. So long as Jenny Craig agree with my Wii Fit weight I probably won’t bother. Of course its a competition to see who can lose the most with the goal to get everyone to lose 5 kg at least. I think there is a limit to how much as they want a healthy weight loss, not a crash diet.

I was telling The Ref about it and he’s decided to sign up too so we’ll be having our own little competition! He reckons he’s going nail it and leave me in his dust, so we will see! He has to register himself, I can’t do it so that will be the first hurdle!!

I’m up to my eyeballs in course work and assignments at the moment but the assignments will be done for the year by 1st October. So I’m hoping with only a couple of weeks of lectures left and then a month of study with my last exam in early November that I can fit in the exercise on a regular enough basis to drop the kgs. I’m also thinking about getting out the Weight Watchers menu and cook book so we’re eating healthier too.


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