Posted by: corozmum | September 20, 2010

Scissor Keeper

Earlier this year I joined an embroidery group. I’ve been a keen cross stitcher for 10 years bit I’m finding it difficult to do now my eyes are aging, even with reading glasses. I’ve always been a keen knitter and sewer and dabble in other crafts. I thought the group would be a good way to learn some new skills and meet people.

Our first project was an applique wall hanging. Its close to being finished but has joined the UFO (unfinished object for you non-crafters!) pile. I’m having trouble finding time to devote to stitching when finishing a degree is taking so much time. Our second project was a stump work scissor keeper. I really struggled with this and seemed to make no progress for weeks. I didn’t do the third project (blackwork, but I’m hoping to after the exams) in an effort to complete this and it worked….. Tah Dah!

my second embroidery project


I especially loved doing the bead work around the sides which the photo doesn’t really show.

Anyway we are on to our next project, shadow work. I don’t think it will show up in a photo. Again I’m head down with a raft of assignments and missing sessions for other commitments like going on holiday so I’m not sure if that will be completed either!


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