Posted by: corozmum | September 10, 2010

Boiling Water

I’m getting into the swing of keeping on top of clean(ish) water. Any time I’m in the kitchen for a period of time I boil water. We have an under bench water filter which is getting a work over! and then I boil it. After its cooled down I carefully pour it off into a jug and tip the residue out. You have to be careful pouring from the jug as residue settles there too. In spite of all this the hot drinks leave a nasty coating in your throat and the mugs have a thick brown coating in them. A lady at embroidery suggested straining the water through a handee towel so have tried that today.

I usually make my yoghurt but don’t fancy the brown coating being in my yoghurt so bought some. Oh boy is bought yoghurt sweet. Never mind its a bit of a treat to have some fancy flavours instead of the usual 4 boring yoghurt flavours that are for sale.

You can’t lay your hands on bottled water in town at the moment and I forgot completely when I was in the city yesterday. Too busy with my long list that didn’t have ‘buy water’ on it!

The other thing I’m struggling with is to remember to take boiled water with me to clean my teeth. I keep putting my toothbrush under the tap before I remember! So if I get sick its my toothbrushes fault!


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