Posted by: corozmum | September 8, 2010

Surrounded by Floods

Monday we had torrential rain. I was doing an assignment and was surprised when I went to make a cuppa to find the front lawn looking like a paddling pool.

The Ref rang me to say they’d closed the school after first period and it took 2 hours to get the kids away home. By the time you organise buses, make sure it is safe for them to travel home and that you have the parents permission for them to go home a few hours can pass. Cell phones certainly made the job alot faster than it would have been. One bus had three goes trying different back roads before it got through.

All the rivers were up to the stop banks and bridges. Our town was isolated by floods and slips by lunchtime. Only 2 houses here in town were flooded and no stock losses so far. We were ok and could get around town with no problems. I was out of milk! All the rivers were down by the next morning and school was open. The 2 roads over the hills to the nearest city (1/2 hour away) were cleared of slips and open but the state highway through the gorge remained closed. Depending how bad the slip(s) are this could be some time.

The town water supply was damaged so we have to boil drinking water until further notice. Its slow and painful waiting for the water to come to the boil and then wait for 3 minutes rapid boiling to pass! Have to do it in pots on the stove as automatic kettles don’t give the requisite 3 mins!


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