Posted by: corozmum | September 3, 2010

Trying 5 Day Fit Pilates

When I first tried ‘Easy Pilates‘ I was horrified because I could barely do the 15 minute routine. I looked at the cover again and I have ‘5 day Fit Pilates’!

I got it out last week and had another go at the 15 min routine. This time I paid more attention to the instructions to make the moves easier and did some modifications of my own. There is no way I can do the rolls. I tried but figure I’ll injure myself. So I tried maintaining the balance of the beginning position while the instructor rolls around. It was a challenge and you know your abs are working! Anyway, I managed to do most things in the routine.

This week I tried one of the 30 min routines ‘Maintenance for Weight Loss’. I modified as much as I could to make it easier until I get some ab strength. I certainly felt that I’d had a good work out. I can feel it today but it doesn’t feel overdone or over sore. What surprised me was how much I feel it in my thighs and upper arms.

I’ve been using the mini stepper for a few months with Wii Fit jogging and do 10-20 mins per day, 4-5 days a week, depending on what other exercise I’m doing that day. I’d recently upped the resistance to make it harder so I felt my thighs were fitter than the rest of me! This pilates routine obviously uses thigh muscles in a way the mini stepper doesn’t!

This routine also has several press up type moves and even though I did ‘ladies’ versions (on my knees!) boy I can feel my upper arms. Will have to persevere if it deals to ‘bat wings’!

I’ve decided to use the video 1-2 times a week as it will definitely whip my abs into shape over time. Theres 5 routines and with the modifications I use there is plenty of scope to increase the challenge over time. Now I have to go back and buy ‘Easy Pilates’ which is what I thought I’d bought!!


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