Posted by: corozmum | August 25, 2010

Speaking the Lingo

This year several of my university lecturers have English as a second language. I find the lectures a challenge and I have to concentrate. Not only is the accent a challenge but they use words differently, construct sentences differently and put the emphasis on different syllables. Sometimes by the time I’ve thought through a sentence I’ve missed the rest of the paragraph!

Last week I was reminded that the world isn’t always as you see it. In the Business degree we have a large group of Chinese students from a Chinese University. They spend 2 years in China and 2 years at our university and get a double degree, one from each university. One girl who attends both the same lectures loves our Asian lecturer (I struggle) and hates our Banking Studies lecturers. They talk too fast and say strange things!

Both lecturers are New Zealanders and I love their lectures. They inject alot of humour and anecdotes to keep things interesting. Obviously the jokes may be lost on some of my class mates. I also know one of the lecturers (we live in the same small town) and she consciously speaks slower in lectures than she does in person. Any slower and I’d fall asleep!

That student reminded me that we move through the world in our own bubble and rarely walk in other peoples shoes.


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