Posted by: corozmum | August 20, 2010

Attending Lectures

Yesterday we had a test in Banking Studies. The lecturer commented on how many faces were present that he hadn’t seen in lectures so far. It wasn’t as bad as last semester!

We asked in the first lecture how many were in the class. Around 50. I’m not very good with estimating the size of groups so I guess we had that many. Over the weeks the numbers dropped to a steady 25. I got a hang of a shock the day of the test. The room was full and you had to search for a seat!! After that the numbers dropped still further to a hard core of 15 -20! I counted.

For that particular course, I found the lectures essential. I’d done the paper 5 years ago extramurally (by correspondence) and got an E! Whenever I mention it The Ref jumps in with reasons, like his school was closing so we dealt with job hunting, selling our house, shifting islands with vehemently opposed teenagers and I also had health problems following an operation. When you rattle it all off, no wonder I failed!

The E will always be on my academic transcript and no one cares about the reason!

After that I tossed my toys and figured I would never complete the degree. Moving 1/2 hours drive from campus and not being able to get a job was the incentive I needed to have a go at finishing the last 5 papers including the infamous E paper.

Attending those lectures was vital. I regularly had AHA moments and couldn’t believe how little I’d understood the first time through. The girl sitting next to me and I exchanged frequent comments on how we hadn’t got the subject from reading the text but one sentence in a lecture would clear it all up.

That paper has a very high fail rate because of the difficulty of the subject and with the large numbers not attending lectures its hardly surprising. Second time round I got a B so it was worth going to campus.


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