Posted by: corozmum | August 15, 2010

Winter bugs

I woke up yesterday at 7.30am (on a Saturday morning!!) with a splitting headache. Managed a cup of tea before going horizontal again. Next time I woke was 12.00pm. I staggered downstairs and hurt so much I half lay on the counter while The Ref found the migraine tablets. It wasn’t a migraine but so bad I needed heavy duty painkillers.

He told me I had caught one of the bugs going around school. A thumping headache that lasts 24 hours and you sleep most of the time. At least I hadn’t got the Swine flu. It largely bypassed us last year and is making up for it this year! The Ref was then very smug about having the flu injection and staying standing while everyone else is dropping like flies. Who needs smug and cheerful when you’re feeling like death warmed up!

The Ref did kindly bring up some pumpkin soup as he thought I would be hungry. I was horizontal and could barely lift my head off the pillow without feeling nauseous. But I did enjoy it immensely when I next woke at 5pm. It was such a relief to wake without the headache but I was extraordinarily tired.

Today I’m up but feeling very fragile. I’m trying to get up the courage to inflict some Spreadsheet study on my poor brain. Blogging is postponing it nicely! 🙂


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