Posted by: corozmum | August 13, 2010

Getting Egged

About a month ago, I opened our curtains and found we’d been egged on the bedroom window above the garage. Its only a car length from the street so within easy reach. I was really upset. We’ve only been here a year and we’ve been burgled, had the street sign and give way sign tossed in our front yard, gates kicked open (we keep them locked now), endless numbers of beer and RTD bottles tossed over the fence and now this. I was seriously wondering why we’d moved here and questioning whether I wanted to stay if this sort of stuff was going to keep happening. My biggest fear was what would they do next, would it esculate, and why was it done? My other worry was that we’d been egged because The Ref is a DP at the local high school and someone had it in for him.

Two weeks ago on a Friday night we heard an almighty thump like a rock had been thrown on our roof. The Ref went straight out but couldn’t see or hear anyone or anything. In the morning we opened the curtains and found we’d been egged again. They’d done the same window by the street but had also come on to the property and egged our bedroom and the rumpus room below it. Our bedroom has been double glazed so we think the thump was our bedroom windows being hit.

The Ref was furious and immediately thought of one kid who’d been particularly angry with him on the day we’d been attacked. While The Ref was cleaning the windows the kids brother came past and asked what had happened. The Ref was very indiscreet and said he thought the brother had egged our place.

On the Monday we reported it to the police and were relieved to hear that we were not alone, several other houses had been egged as well and there were no other connections to the school. On reflection over the weekend The Ref realised he’d been wrong and called the young man in to apologise for what he’d said and he also called the mother to apologise too. She was very nice and said she could fully understand The Ref thinking that!

It seems mother and son had a conversation about it and Mum told son to find out who’d done it. On Thursday, 3 very sheepish young men fronted up to The Ref because they were made to by the original kid. He was sooo angry with them he sent them straight out before he lost his cool and headed down to ask the Principal if she would deal with it. She already had their names but hadn’t got around to interviewing them. The fact they’d confessed saved her time and she took great delight in phoning the parents and informing them what their kids had been up to and that the matter was with the police.

We don’t expect the police to do much, but hopefully they’ll scare the little sh*ts. We mainly reported it in case there was a pattern or in case it escalated so there was a record of the incidents. I’m pretty sure they won’t be repeating the exercise so I feel alot better about living here. My sense of safety has been sorely tested since moving here.


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