Posted by: corozmum | August 11, 2010

Easy Pilates

I was getting a bit bored with Wii Fit so got an ‘Easy Pilates’ dvd to add some variety and it was 1/2 the price of Wii Fit Plus. I can play it up in the lounge which is warmer. The family room (where the Wii is set up) is positively arctic on a winter morning and takes a while to heat up with the heat pump. Also with a dvd I can keep my socks on. Its too cold on a winter morning to go without socks as you are supposed with Wii for safety reasons. I have a silicon sleeve on the Wii balance board so I do keep my socks on but it can be a bit hazardous when you’re doing lunges or the warrior pose because your feet slip!

Anyway, back to the dvd. “Easy ” … my foot!! I don’t have any abdominal strength to do most of the exercises except the ones where you’re lying flat on the floor and even then its a challenge because you’re moving your legs around in the air! Obviously when it comes to pilates I need ‘beginners’ because its a big step up to ‘easy’. If I can ever manage to do that 15 min routine my abs will rock!! (There’s 4 other routines on the dvd, all 30 mins! I haven’t a hope!!)


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