Posted by: corozmum | August 10, 2010

The Sock Fairy Strikes Again

Blogging about the sock fairy must have peeved her off! Maybe it was suggesting she was a he or even it is a he and I assume its a female.

Anyway. Last week I did lots of washing and got right up to date with it, including folding and putting away. Yep…The Ref now has 6 new odd socks and I have one!! Where do they go??

And then there’s the missing library book. I wonder if we have a burmuda triangle in our dining room. I read the book and put it with the pile of others to go back to the library that we keep on a shelf in the dining room. The Ref then read it. He swears he put it back (I personally have my doubts). We have looked in all the usual places. Under the bed, behind the chairs in the lounge, in the family room, in the cars! As the cat and the bird don’t read … the sock fairy seems the most likely!


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