Posted by: corozmum | August 4, 2010

Reading Requirements

I’m really struggling with the reading requirements this week. Banking studies has 2 chapters at 40 and 20 pages each.  Spread-sheeting has 8 chapters and 2 supplementary readings!! I just want to toss my toys!

To even get started I resorted to using a timer and reading for 15 mins then going away for 5 mins to give my brain and eyes a rest. I’ve made more progress today than I did on Monday. I’ve knocked off all but 10 pages of my banking chapters and 1 chapter of spread-sheeting.

I could zip through the spreadsheet chapters but as I have limited excel experience I find it better to put the textbook cd in and work through the chapter examples as I read. Even with the examples in front of you it is amazing how many times I get it wrong. Wrong data cells, mistyped functions and missing symbols out. I’m learning heaps better this way but it is time-consuming.

Some how I have to fit in writing a 2,000-3,000 word essay! due in a week. The joys of studying!


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