Posted by: corozmum | July 23, 2010

Stopping the Parking Scammers

Last semester, I posted several times about Parking Scams, Parking Scammers and A New Parking Scam. Over the semester break the University has taken steps at the back exit to thwart the scammers. Judder Bars! I don’t think there will be alot of cars speeding to sneak behind you when the barrier is up.

They have also erected a shelter over the barriers. Its fairly high to allow buses through and relatively small comparatively so I don’t think its going to provide alot of shelter from the wind and rain but it might help. I also haven’t looked to see if it has cameras mounted. That would only catch the ones who raise the barrier themselves and depending where its mounted may catch the double scammers but that is more of an issue at the end closest to campus.


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