Posted by: corozmum | July 21, 2010

The Sock Fairy

I have a small wastepaper basket in my laundry and I throw the odd socks in that I find in the washing. Periodically I sit down and match them up, but steadily the pile grows as the sock fairy adds to her collection. I do wonder if she takes them when they are dirty or has the good sense to wait till they are clean?

After 4 years in our last house the bin was full! I put those socks in a plastic bag and took them to the garge. After a year I haven’t been able to match up any! Must be time to say farewell to those abandoned socks. They will never be a pair again. Besides none of the kids ones will fit anymore!

The bin in the laundry already has half a dozen lonely socks after a year here. You should note that only one sock is mine, all the rest are The Refs. Almost all the missing socks from the last house belonged to the kids or The Ref, including 2 Football Referee socks!!

The sock fairy seems to prefer socks that haven’t made it straight into the laundry hamper. Does she in fact prefer smelly ones? In that case, maybe the sock fairy is a male! No self respecting female likes dirty socks, especially guy ones that can clear rooms of human habitation at the end of the day!

I think our sock fairy has branched out. Possibly due to the slimmer pickings now the kids have left home. I dropped my cell phone and the back cover flew off. I have been on my hands and knees all over the dining room floor. Under the table, the book shelves and the china cabinet. No cover! I raised the level and pulled all the books out of the bottom 3 shelves. Still no cover!! I am at a total loss as to where it could be. If it was the sock fairy, they were jolly quick at nabbing it!


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