Posted by: corozmum | June 29, 2010

Making Paper Bricks

When doing the post on paper bricks I re-read another blog that suggested putting a squirt of dishwashing liquid in with the paper and water. I tried this. The big advantage is a surprisingly small amount of dishwashing liquid stops the water going slimy and smelly. The disadvantage is the paper isn’t as soft and pulpy.

I still made the bricks but I think they may fall apart because they aren’t as solidly moulded together as usual. That same blog says to squeeze all the water out before putting the paper in the mould. When I do this, I get big lumps and can’t squeeze down the paper fully to get a uniform brick shape so I just grab handfuls of paper and fill the mould to the brim then squeeze down. This probably gives me a lighter less dense brick and may explain why my bricks don’t last much more than 20 mins.

I have 2 fish bins of paper going this year. I noticed the one in the sun (when we have it in winter!) is pulpier than the one further back. Some heat seems to help with the pulping process.


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