Posted by: corozmum | June 28, 2010

What carriage for the School Ball?

The Ref is a Senior Teacher at his school and is required to attend the school ball. Last year was his first ever ball. About 2 weeks before the ball he finally asked if I wanted to go. Being miffed at being asked so late, I said no. But I did go down to see the kids arrive.

I swear every unique vehicle in the district was employed to deliver students to the school hall. We have a long sweeping drive, arched over with trees and the security guards only allow 6 cars up the drive at a time. They drive past the hall, down the back, turn in the car-park and come back to the portico of the hall.

There were hot rods, classic and vintage cars, a police car, the ambulance, a vintage fire truck, a tractor, a horse and cart… get the picture! One car with flames painted down its side, revved when it arrived at the door and shot flames out the back. The next car pulled up and answering our calls to rev, did so….. but a Morris Minor just hasn’t got the same grunt!

This year, even with a months notice I declined attending the ball. Not sure why, just didn’t feel like it. I’d planned to see the kids arrive again, but it was cold, wet and I wasn’t feeling well, so, I stayed by the fire.

About the time the ball started I heard a low flying helicopter. You have got to be kidding! Yep, in provincial New Zealand, population 3,00 a young couple arrived by helicopter! This was latter confirmed by The Ref. His personal favourite was the group who arrived by cardboard limousine!


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