Posted by: corozmum | June 25, 2010

Men and Doctors

The Ref had been up half the night with pain in the vacinity of his kidneys. He’s had appendicitis which he rates as his 10 for the pain scale. The pain around the kidneys he considered an 8. In the morning he did the man thing and went to work, ignored it and hoped it would go away.

Spent another night up with pain. He went to work, but did go to the doctor. Possibly a kidney infection but not showing usual symptoms. We await blood tests. He didn’t show usual symptoms with the appendix either, so I’m going with the kidney infection. The Ref turned down a medical certificate and went back to work…..and he expects sympathy!!!!

However, he did go to bed a 8.30pm but I suspect that was as much to do with getting up to see The All Whites play Paraguay in the Football World Cup at 2am!


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