Posted by: corozmum | June 22, 2010

A New Parking Scam

After my exam last week, I observed a new parking scam to the ones mentioned in previous posts (parking scams and parking scammmers). I’d forgotten to get my ticket and had to stop by the exit to buy one before I went to the barriers. A group of young men in their car stopped, obviously waiting for me to get into position so they could follow me out. I stopped and looked at them, then took my time wandering over to the ticket machine and getting my ticket.

To my surprise they drove up to the barriers. The passenger jumped out, lifted the barrier (it seemed surprisingly easy!), the car drove through and the passenger jumped back in. I could hear them hooting and hollering as they drove away. Even if I’d had my cell phone in my hand, it all happened so quickly I would never have got a photo of it happening!


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