Posted by: corozmum | June 15, 2010

Bird Catching

I am not the cats favourite person.

She proudly dropped a bird at my feet when I was hanging out the washing. It tried to fly off but she pinned it down again. It took a while before she put it down and the bird stayed still. I managed to get Coro away, grabbed her and locked her in the house. She mewed pitifully but I wanted to give the bird a chance to get away. It took 15 minutes before it was strong enough to fly away. I hope it will survive. It was a pretty one.


Goldfinch (New Zealand Bird Gallery)

I don’t fuss about sparrows and mice but I couldn’t bear to see the Golfinch die a long and miserable death. Coro has spent 2 hours toying with a mouse before it died. Ugh!

When I let Coro out she spent quite a while sniffing where the Goldfinch had been and looking around for it. I felt a bit mean.


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