Posted by: corozmum | June 10, 2010

Youth Drinking

New Zealand is a small country and the death of James Webster from alcohol poisoning was big news. I felt for his parents as I know luck and fate mean that I haven’t lost a child for the same reason. Campbell Live followed up with Lexi Andrews story.The key difference between her and James seems to be that her friends called someone who took her home and her parents knew her well enough to be worried enough to call an ambulance.

If you don’t want to hear her story then skip 3/4 of the way thorough to hear Dr Tony Smith from St Johns Ambulance. Everyone should know the difference between a drunken stupor and a coma. How to care for drunken friends and when to call an ambulance. As Lexi said you may be scared of being in trouble but you don’t want to be responsible for a friends death.

We had an agreement with our kids that if they were worried or didn’t feel safe they were to call, no matter how late or what situation they were in. We warned them we could be tired and grumpy but we promised to pick them up, no questions asked and not to yell about it till the next day when we’d all got some sleep, sobered up, listened to their side of the story and hopefuly calmed down!

Our kids have phoned us a few times. Our daughter phoned us the first time when she was in Intermediate (11-12 yrs) because of R18 movies at a sleep over, so it is never too early to have a conversation about their safety. Each time we’ve crawled out of bed bitching to each other but in the cold light of day have been so relieved that they felt they could call us and after hearing their stories being grateful that they are safe.


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