Posted by: corozmum | June 3, 2010

Some days you just shouldn’t go out!

A month ago I went to VTNZ to get a warrent. Both front tires need replacing and we had a month to fix it and return before paying for a new warrent. The Ref remembered this week that it had to be done by Friday and instructed me to go and sort it out. I never do jobs like that. I go to the wrong place, buy the wrong thing, pay too much. In short its better if he does it himself. This required an afternoon off work.

He was held up and late home from work. Then the battery on the car was flat. So we had to wait for the AA to come round. Luckily only had to wait 1/2 hour. The Ref had phoned round and got a quote but left the quote number and tyre place address at work. So back to work we went!

Drove 1/2 hour to town in miserable, wet, windy weather. Got to the tyre place and turned off the engine. They said we would have to wait but we mentioned having to be at VTNZ by 5pm. They stopped what they were doing and went to move the car. DEAD! So they did the job in the rain then jump started the car. Go Tony’s Tyre Service, Church Street, Palmerston North.

Crossed town to VTNZ and as The Ref got out of the car a wind gust caught the car door and banged it into the car parked beside us leaving a dent with peeled paint. The owner was annoyed because he’d just had that panel repaired. Swop insurance details. Buggar!

We passed the warrent and headed to the brother-in-laws garage to get a battery installed before he closed. We planned to go to a movie at 5.30 and with 10mins to go brother-in-law was adament we wouldn’t make it during peak hour. Wondering what else could go wrong we hurried to the movies, grabbed tickets, rushed in and sat down just on 5.30 only to discover the movie didn’t start for another 20 mins!

We enjoyed Boy, had dinner at Mac’s (only because The Ref wanted some FIFA world cup glasses) and got home without any further drama. Whew! It had been expensive enough if you count the insurance excess as well!


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