Posted by: corozmum | May 31, 2010

Womens Lifestyle Expo

Went to the above Expo. It was $10 and no goody bag! I’ve always had a goody bag before as part of the entry fee! If you wanted a goody bag you had to pay another $20. My daughter and I went halves and shared the loot.

We got a scarf, small bottle of water, bottle of shampoo (don’t recognise the brand), sachet of shampoo & conditioner,  New Idea Magazine, lip liner, hairspray, a sachet of facial wipes, one of those net balls you use for shower gel and a reuseable carry bag. Not sure if it was value for money but my daughter is happy with what she got out of the bag.

I usually want to spend a fortune but was hard pressed to find anything I wanted to buy! I ended up with fudge and a bottle of Prenzel Hokey Pokey Tipsy topping. Oh boy was it yum! I’m thinking it could be wicked in my yoghurt!


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