Posted by: corozmum | May 27, 2010

Primer, wallpaper glue & a sick bird

Wahoo was sick about a month ago but got better with treatment. Then we had the damaged wall repaired and the hall re-wallpapered.

The walls had to be primed. I was warned the primer stank so I put Wahoo outside for the day. At dusk I bought him in. We were feeling so ill sitting at home that we went out for a meal. In the morning Wahoos nostrils were swollen and he was sneezing. We were out for the day and not home till late so we put him in the garage which is seperate from the house. He was one cold bird but his nostrils were down. They were up again in the morning so in spite of cold temperatures he has been out every day over the last week. Each night when he comes in his nostrils are fine and each morning his nostrils have been less swollen, then the wallpaper went up!

Yeap, wall paper glue has set Wahoo off again. They ran out of wall paper so are back tomorrow to finish the job. Hopefully as the house clears Wahoo will be able to stay in during the day.


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