Posted by: corozmum | May 19, 2010

Insurance job takes a year

When we moved in a year ago the movers put a hole in the wall. Right by the front door. We had months of discussions with the insurance company. The wallpaper had been deleted 5 years ago and the insurance company did not want to pay for the entrance way, hall, stair well and upstairs landing to be re-wallpapered. It took photos and several decorators to convince them that there were no natural breaks and it had to be all in one. We definately did not want a feature wall either!

They made us a cash  offer of half value of the quotes to sort it ourselves. We were not game to take on a stairwell so declined that. Then they gave a per roll budget of half the going price for new wallpaper. They would not budge. We were hampered by having white tiles which made the current hot colour palette look dirty. Some months of trawling specials bins finally resulted in a paper very similar in colour to what we had and 16 rolls available to buy.

By then the decorator chosen by the insurance company had several months work lined up (hope that means he’s good!) and we had to wait our turn. Finally they started work today. But we have to fit around two bathroom jobs. Seems bathrooms in use during renovations that need painting and wallpapering before fittings can go in take precedence over hallways!

We have bare walls and hopefully, all going well with the bathrooms they will be back in two days to wallpaper.


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