Posted by: corozmum | May 14, 2010

Cracked Toilet Seat

Our upstairs bathroom and toilet have not been decorated or remodelled like the rest of the house. We have vintage 70’s with formica walls, brown lino and a vanity with decorated cupboards and flower shaped door handles (if I remember to photograph it, I’ll add it latter).

The toilet seat cracked and what a drama that turned out to be! Our local hardware store only had two types of toilet seat. Cheap plastic and expensive wood. We went for cheap plastic. It was too big for the pan. Yep, modern pans are wider than in the 70s. New seat bent and cracked. Next time I went to uni I tried the hardware stores in town. Prices ranged from $8 (which had failed us to $250 -for a loo seat!). Especially when toilet suites (pan, cistern and seat) start at $150. It was recommended we replace the whole suite but as we plan to do up the bathroom and toilet next year we aren’t ready yet for that) I was advised to bring the old seat in to make sure I got a good fit. Humm!

Next day I returned with seat. Even tho’ I’d cleaned it, it’s not a good look comparing widths of seats. You get some funny looks. I managed to find three of the narrowest ones and settled on a firm plastic with all in one, strong rubber stoppers to balance on the rim. So far so good!


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