Posted by: corozmum | May 13, 2010

The Hedgehog Story

In Who needs a Plumber (or a Man) I mentioned The Ref had rescued me from a hedgehog. By special request this is the hedgehog story.

It had been one of our few really hot summer days. We had 3 of our 4 downstairs doors open and every window in the place as well. The Ref was tired so he went up to bed while I locked up. When I’d finished downstairs I nipped into the downstairs bathroom. I’d just sat on the loo when I heard a snuffle noise and saw a hedgehog pop out from The Refs towel which was hanging on the ground and scuttle across the bathroom and under the wall hung cupboard.

I called out that there was a hedgehog in the bathroom and got a grumpy “What do you expect me to do about it?”. I did my best plaintive “Rescue me!”

The Ref stomped downstairs with dressing gown flying barking orders “Get long-handled brush and shovel, open front door (the nearest exit) and turn on outside light” He scooped up the hedgehog and popped it under a bush by the front door. I’m eternally grateful we have a 6ft high fence as he hadn’t tied his dressing gown and was in his summer pjs (nude in case you didn’t figure it out!)

We couldn’t believe that a hedgehog could climb to get into the house. We figure it came in the front door as there are gardens and lots of shrubs on either side whereas the other doors open onto large concrete or decking areas (although I recently nipped out to get tomatoes and busted a hedgehog as it went to climb in the ranchslider off the back driveway). Still its 4 steps up onto the entrance then over the door sill and a few steps to the bathroom door.

Friends assure us hedgehogs can climb. One got into her parents lounge which was on the second story up a flight of stairs. It shredded the carpet and made for an interesting conversation with the insurance company. I’m grateful our entrance hall and bathroom are tiled.


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