Posted by: corozmum | May 10, 2010

Phantom Fence Painter

Our house is surrounded by a 6 ft high fence. When we shifted here we asked why 5 vertical boards had no fence stain on them. Seems graffetti had been removed and the boards not restained. A few weeks ago we noticed that the bald boards had been stained. We couldn’t figure out who and when!

A school group is doing up a house across the road to fundraise for a trip to Italy. About the time our fence got stained they were putting up a fence and stained it the same colour as ours. But no it wasn’t them.

Last week our neighbour dropped The Ref at home after Rotary. He asked if she’d noticed the fence had been stained and that we were trying to figure out who’d done it. It was her! She’d been staining her side of the fence between us and the gap was bugging her so she used up her left over stain to fix it! Why didn’t we think of her!!


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