Posted by: corozmum | May 5, 2010

Duck Meat

Duck hunting season started over the weekend. A work collegue of The Ref’s offered him a duck if he had a successful weekends shooting. The only catch was having to pluck and gut the duck ourselves. The Ref doesn’t know how to do this so declined. A female collegue overheard and rang to offer to teach The Ref. His reply, “I don’t mind learning to pluck but not gut…..I’m not a Mans Man!” Seems The Ref has enough trouble gutting any fish he catches. That explains why I was told in no uncertain terms that if I fished I had to gut what I caught, hence I don’t fish. Only took 30 years to find out why!

Yesterday we received two duck breasts. They are now lurking in the fridge as I wonder what to do with them. My recipe books only have 5 recipes total and 3 of those are for whole ducks. Time to hit my fav recipe sites.


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