Posted by: corozmum | April 29, 2010

Medicating a Sick Bird

Yesterday Wahoo started sneezing. This time last year he was staying next door with a vet while we were away and got the sneezes with swollen and inflamed nostrils. The vet had to give him antibiotics. Sure enough we had the same symptoms yesterday. Our vet was off pregnancy scanning herds all day so we had to see the newbie vet. Our vet is the bird guru (by virtue of owning a rainbow lorikeet!) so I had to leave Wahoo there till our vet could be phoned to see what she’d used last time. No official records cause she’d treated him at home.

When I went to pick him up our vet was back (and looking shattered after her day with several herds of cows) so we and Archie (the rainbow lorikeet who goes to work too) went in to visit Wahoo. The vet wasn’t sure if he’d had his antibiotics yet. I could tell he had because there were feathers everywhere!

$73 later. Ouch!! Thats worse than taking a human to the doctor or the cat for her flu jabs! I thought The Ref would have a fit at spending that much on a BIRD! He did grimace but birds can die very quickly from respiratory problems and he couldn’t look his daughter in the eye if he’d let the bird die. Whew!

Anyway, Wahoo needs his meds twice a day for 7 days and he is not human friendly! (And judging by how swollen his nostrils were this morning I did the right thing taking him in yesterday). Right after breakfast we did battle. Couldn’t find my gardening gloves so got my winter fleece ones. They are surprisingly good at protecting me from a vicious bite. In spite of rapidly rotating his head I got the meds syringed into his mouth rather than in his eye or all over his head. He got a wing out on me and when he went back in the cage it seemed to be dislocated as it didn’t tuck in. He started flapping in panic as I went to get him out again and the wing seemed to pop in again. He seems ok but I will have to be more careful at tucking his wings in. I had fewer feathers than the vet!

Last time after a few days Wahoo became resigned to me medicating him and seemed to put up a token fight just for form. Can’t wait for that!


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