Posted by: corozmum | April 26, 2010

Parking Scams

I obviously haven’t been a poor student! When I first arrived at the campus carpark I noted there are signs saying that you are not allowed to leave without paying. I couldn’t figure how then but it happens to me regularly now. They sit right up your bumper as you post your ticket and follow close so both cars get out under the barrier arm as it lifts. I recognise when its going to happen as they sit to one side and come in behind once you’re in position. I used to get annoyed and thought about stopping just past the barrier arm but being at the far end of the carpark is quite isolated and I don’t fancy being on the end of road rage so I don’t worry now. The guy today pulled his hood up. I could still have noted his number plate and reported him but its such a hassle as its double yellow lines until you get on the main highway.

The other scam happens at the other exit down where you enter from campus. The pay station is right beside the exit. Once the car has exited they hang out the window and give you their parking ticket. You are allowed 2 exits per day on the same parking ticket. I’ve declined and let others take the ticket. I’m the sort who gets busted whenever I try and get away with stuff like that!


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